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30 Days of Music: A Writing Challenge


Rules: For each day, post a piece of writing (short story, poem, etc.) based on a song. In essence, write a story around the feelings/ memories the song evokes, based on the songs concept, or around a line of lyric (if applicable) that really resonates within. For every post, link a YouTube video of the song before the writing. One may either base their writing on a song of their own choosing, or go by the list (though I would recommend listening to the song for that day before dismissing it) given here:

Day 1: Lemolo - We Felt the Fall

Day 2: Daughter - Smoke

Day 3: Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness

Day 4: Korn - Mr. Rogers

Day 5: La Dispute - A Broken Jar

Day 6: Mad Season - Long Gone Day

Day 7: Marcy Playground - Opium

Day 8: Wren - Artificial Flavors

Day 9: Cage the Elephant - Shake Me Down

Day 10: Beck - Paper Tiger

Day 11: Tame Impala - Mind Mischief

Day 12: Ernesto Cortazar - Beethoven’s Silence

Day 13: Sarah McLachlan - Gloomy Sunday

Day 14: Nirvana - Come As You Are

Day 15: The Cranberries - Zombie

Day 16: Modest Mouse - Dramamine

Day 17: Sun Kil Moon - Heron Blue

Day 18: Alice in Chains - Bleed the Freak

Day 19: The Allman Brothers - Whipping Post

Day 20: System of a Down - Aerials

Day 21: The Beatles - Norwegian Wood

Day 22: Nirvana - All Apologies

Day 23: Muddy Waters - Rolling Stone

Day 24: Oasis - Wonderwall

Day 25: Foo Fighters - Let it Die

Day 26: Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

Day 27: Gotye - Smoke and Mirrors

Day 28: Led Zeppelin - The Battle of Evermore

Day 29: Pink Floyd - Hey You

Day 30: Ludwig Van Beethoven - Fur Elise

I hope you find the challenge a marvelous experience. ^_^

*On the last day of the challenge, after what’s written, leave some feedback; include any, and all, thoughts on the challenge.*

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30 day Coldplay challenge


day 01 - your favorite song
day 02 - your least favorite song
day 03 - a song that made you fall in love with them
day 04 - a song from Parachutes
day 05 - a song from X&Y
day 06 - a song that reminds you of someone
day 07 - song that reminds you of somewhere

day 08 - a song that describes you
day 09 - a song that you wish you heard on the radio
day 10 - a song with the best music video
day 11 - a song from your favorite album
day 12 - your favorite acoustic version
day 13 - your favorite live version
day 14 - a song from Viva la Vida
day 15 - a song that you can play on an instrument
day 16 - a song that you wish you could play
day 17 - a song from A Rush Of Blood To The Head
day 18 - a song that you want to play at your wedding
day 19 - a song that you want to play at your funeral
day 20 - a song from Prospekt’s March EP
day 21 - a song from your favorite gig
day 22 - a song that you listen to when you’re happy
day 23 - a song that makes you laugh
day 24 - a song that you listen to when you’re sad
day 25 - your favourite B side
day 26 - a song that saved your life
day 27 - a song that makes you vibrate your soul

day 28 - a song from your least favorite album
day 29 - your favorite song from the forthcoming album
day 30 - a song that makes you fall asleep

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30 day Beatles song challenge

1 Favourite song in a Beatles film

2 Favourite use of a Beatles song in a non-Beatles film (covers are ok)

3 Favourite George Martin arrangement

4 Favourite non-canon Beatles song (ie. You won’t find it in the Box set, but maybe on Anthology, Live @ the BBC or a bootleg)

5 Favourite Beatles promo clip

6 Favourite live moment

7 Favourite song from the Love album

8 A Beatles cover from the 60s

9 A Beatles cover from the 70s

10 A Beatles cover from the 80s

11 A Beatles cover from the 90s

12 A Beatles cover from the 00s

13 A Beatles cover from the 10s

14 A Beatles cover by a female singer, with lyrics altered for the gender

15 A Beatlesque song (ie. Not by The Beatles, but it sounds like it could be)

16 Favourite solo Beatle song from the 70s

17 Favourite solo Beatle song from the 80s

18 Favourite solo Beatle song from the 90s

19 Favourite solo Beatle song from the 00s

20 Worst cover of a Beatles song ever

21 Best Beatles bass-line

22 A Beatles song that illustrates your outlook on life

23 Beatles’ version of somebody else’s song

24 Best Beatles song to wake up to

25 The perfect Beatles song for chilling out to

26 A Beatles song you have played on an instrument or sung in front of people

27 A Beatles song for getting’ busy

28 A Beatles song revisited by one of The Beatles in their solo years

29 A Beatles (or solo Beatle) song that helped pull you through tough times

30 Favourite Beatles song

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30 Day Beatles Challenge


I never do these because I find them tacky but the Beatles make an exception ok

Day 01- Your Favourite Beatle
Day 02- Your Favourite Beatles song
Day 03- Your Favourite Beatles movie
Day 04- Your favourite Beatles quote
Day 05- A Beatles song that makes you cry
Day 06- A Beatles song that always cheers you up
Day 07- A Beatles photo that makes you happy
Day 08- Your Favourite Beatles album
Day 09- A Beatles picture makes you angry/sad
Day 10- Favourite Beatles outfits
Day 11- Favourite Beatles era
Day 12- A Beatles song you know all the words to
Day 13- 5 Things you would change about the Beatles
Day 14- Your least favourite Beatles song
Day 15- Your favourite Beatles book
Day 16- Favourite art drawing from or of the Beatles
Day 17- Your favourite Beatles wife
Day 18- Your least favourite Beatles wife
Day 19- Your favourite Beatles child
Day 20- Your least favourite Beatles album
Day 21- Your least favourite Beatle
Day 22- A favourite Beatles instrument
Day 23- Favourite Beatles tribute band
Day 24- Favourite staff members of the Beatles
Day 25- Favourite Beatles moment
Day 26- Favourite Beatles poster
Day 27- Your favourite Beatles concert
Day 28- Your favourite Beatles hairstyle
Day 29- Your favourite video of the Beatles on youtube (could be anything, interviews, them goofing, whatever)
Day 30- Thing you love most about the Beatles

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Michael Jackson Challenge

Day 1: Favorite MJ song

Day 2: Favorite MJ moment

Day 3: Cover of a MJ song of your choice

Day 4: MJ inspired outfit

Day 5: Best attempt at one (or more) of MJ’s moves

Day 6: Favorite MJ music video

Day 7: Least favorite MJ song

Day 8: Favorite hairstyle of Michael’s

Day 9: Favorite collaboration with Michael

Day 10: Favorite MJ album

Day 11: Favorite MJ quote

Day 12: Favorite MJ GIF.

Day 13: Favorite Youtube video of MJ

Day 14: Favorite part of This Is It

Day 15: Anything YOU want to say about Michael

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Challenge based on Bryan Adams’ song ‘Inside Out’

Day 1: The biggest lie you ever told

Day 2: Your biggest fear about growing old

Day 3: The longest night you ever spent

Day 4: The angriest letter you never sent

Day 5: The boy you swore you’d never leave

Day 6: The one you kissed on New Year’s eve

Day 7: The sweetest dream you had last night

Day 8: Your darkest hour

Day 9: Your hardest fight

Day 10: The saddest song you ever heard

Day 11: The most you said with just one word

Day 12: The loneliest prayer you ever prayed

Day 13: The truest vow you ever made

Day 14: What makes you laugh?

Day 15: What makes you cry?

Day 16: What makes you mad?

Day 17: What gets you by?

Day 18: Your highest high

Day 19: Your lowest low

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15 Day K-pop fangirl challenge

Day1: Name your first fandom
Day2: The official color of your first fandom (provide us a photo!)
Day3: 5 reasons why you loved your first bias
Day4: Tell us whether your first bias is still your bias
Day5: Your favorite song of your first fandom
Day6: Your favorite k-pop song released in 2012
Day7: Your favorite k-hiphop group and a favorite song of them
Day8: Your favorite solo singer and a favorite song of him/her 
Day9: A maknae whom you think he/she doesn’t suit the title!
Day10: The funniest English lyrics (which is part of a song)
Day11: Name all your fandoms!
Day12: Provide us your favorite tumblog which is your source of photos/edits
Day13: Within 60 seconds, name as much songs as possible by your favorite group (no cheating no checking!)
Day14: Your favourite dance
Day15: A wish to your bias 

(Submitted by Erica) 

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21 Day Mumford & Sons Challenge

Day 01: Your favorite Mumford and Sons song.

Day 02: Story of how you first heard of M&S/ When you heard them.

Day 03- Have you seen them in concert? Tell us about it!

Day 04- Do you have any merch?

Day 05: Your favorite thing to do with M&S playing in the background

Day 06: Your favorite band member

Day 07- a song that describes you/an experience that relates to the song.

Day 08- your favorite lyric

Day 09- Your least favorite song and why

Day 10- your favorite picture of your favorite band member(s) 

Day 11- your favorite gif of your favorite band member(s)

Day 12- your favorite picture of the whole band

Day 13- the song that you replayed the most this week

Day 14- an open letter to your favorite band member

Day 15- something that you see and automatically think of the band

Day 16- the song you like to see made into a music video 

Day 17- your favorite music video

Day 18- the song that made you feel very emotional/cry

Day 19- the song that makes you happy

Day 20- instrument(s) you want to play that one of the members are able to play

Day 21- what would you do if you met them?


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Take That 30 day challenge


Take That 30 Day Challenge

  1. Favourite Member
  2. Favourite Old Song
  3. Favourite New Song
  4. Favourite Old Music Video
  5. Favourite New Music Video
  6. Favourite Tour
  7. Favourite Picture
  8. Favourite Album
  9. A song that doesn’t get enough credit
  10. Favourite piece of memorabilia
  11. Favourite interview
  12. Favourite live song
  13. Story of how you got obsessed
  14. The song that means the most to you
  15. Picture of Gary
  16. Picture of Howard
  17. Picture of Jason
  18. Picture of Mark
  19. Picture of Robbie
  20. Thatters are the best because…
  21. Favourite quote
  22. Favourite dirty moment (pole dancing, ice baths, etc)
  23. Best old tour outfit
  24. Best new tour outfit
  25. Best Take That memory
  26. The concerts which you’ve been to
  27. Favourite concert
  28. Best backstage interview/footage
  29. Favourite solo songs by any member
  30. I love Take That because…


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