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spookymicool asked: Is there a deefizzy challenge? He's a youtuber, if not could you make one?


I have not found one, but I will add this to the list.  In the meantime, (since I am so often too busy to make more than one challenge per month) does anyone else have inspiration for this who might beat me to it?  If so, go for it!  ^-^

Have a lovely day, everyone!  ♥

— 1 year ago with 1 note
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jhepijes-deactivated20131016 asked: Can you make about asian movies? Thanks! :)


Okay, I cannot find an Asian Movies challenge anywhere so I’m posting this for all to see.  If anyone knows of one or has the inspiration to create one, let me know!  ^-^  

Thank you all, and have a lovely day! ♥

— 1 year ago with 2 notes
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18niamsexpartti asked: Is anyone aloud to do the 30 day challenge?


Yes, anyone may create or participate (whether spoken or otherwise ^_~) in a challenge. ^-^

— 1 year ago
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spectrum-of-stars asked: this blog is awesome.


— 2 years ago with 7 notes
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neurotic-fiction asked: Hey, I've been doing the TVD 30 day challenge for a while. I'm up to day 25 and I don't get the question 'An episode you never happened'. What does it mean?


I would guess the author meant to say “An episode you wish never happened.”  

I can’t be 100% sure since I didn’t write it, but… give it a shot?  :)

— 2 years ago with 1 note
#georgiadontlookdown  #asks  #frozen-in-tyme 
ninnphetamine asked: Is there any Paramore challenge? If there isn't, I think you should really make one:) Nice blog btw^^


There is.  You can find it here.  :)

— 2 years ago with 4 notes
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