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30 Day Fandom Crush Meme

A crush is defined as an intense feeling towards another person that is usually short lived.  However us nerds have come to define this s a little differently.“A crush is a strong, or intense feeling towards someone or something that you find very attractive, or extremely special”.  A lot of us grow crushes on all sorts of characters, people and even things (fictional and non fictional) that we just can’t help but get crushes on…

all at one time. 

We challenge you to take 30 days to tell us about your crushes.

by Steevinlove and Betherella

30 Day Fandom Crush Meme <3 

Day  1 - tumblr crush      
Day  2 - movie star crush      
Day  3 - TV star crush      
Day  4 - comic book character crush      
Day  5 - Disney crush      
Day  6 - cartoon character crush      
Day  7 - singer/songwriter crush      
Day  8 - blonde crush      
Day  9 - movie character crush      
Day 10 - TV character crush      
Day 11 - television commercial/ advertisement character crush      
Day 12 - video game character crush      
Day 13 - brunette crush      
Day 14 - book character crush      
Day 15 - opposite of gender preference crush      
Day 16 - person with glasses crush      
Day 17 - sci-fi crush      
Day 18 - mythical creature crush      
Day 19 - gadget crush      
Day 20 - villain crush      
Day 21 - vintage crush      
Day 22 - antihero/badass crush      
Day 23 - comedian crush      
Day 24 - ginger crush      
Day 25 - historical figure crush      
Day 26 - food network crush      
Day 27 - other species/alien crush      
Day 28 - unnatural hair color crush      
Day 29 - undead crush      
Day 30 - guilty pleasure crush    

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