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60 details challenge

1) one favorite word
2) one favorite fonem
3) favorite color
4) explain your favorite sound (or what is your favorite onomatopoeia?)
5) one word that reminds you the caring feeling
6) one word that remind you absence
7) one word that sounds beautiful
8) one color that tastes like something
9) one flavor that instantly leads to your childhood
10) one word in another language
11) favorite flavour and kind of flavour.
12) a feeling you hate
13) one strong word
14) a strong feeling
15) a sweet word
16) a sweet feeling
17) an acid word
18) an acid feeling
19) favorite texture
20) a texture you hate
20) the perfertct situation
21) a wonderful song with lyrics
22) a wonderful song with no lyrics
23) a word and a sensation
25) a sense you could be without
26) a world you could not do without
27) favorite sensation
28) favorite sense
29) a place to go
30) a place to be
30) a smell
31) a drug
31) an animal
31) an animal smell
32) an animal sound
33) a word that has a flavour that turns you on.
34) a word that has a sound that turns you on
35) a place to smell.
36) a body part
37) a body part’s smell
38) a non-eatable taste
40) a taste that reminds you someone you love (and if you want, who is this one)
41) a smell that reminds you someone you love (“)
42) a texture (“) (“)
43) a sound (“) (“)
44) a landscape
45) a vision that reminds you someone you love (and if you want, who is this one)
46) a movie you just love the cinematography
47) a movie you love the sounds
48) a visually beautiful letter
49) a letter that sounds awesome in your language
50) a letter that sounds awesome in some other language (and what one)
51) a word that makes you angry
52) a word that makes you happy
53) a image that makes you think
54) an interesting thought you always have
55) wet clothes or arid air?
56) a word that scares you.
57) your smile sound like…?
58) a substance that make you fall in love
59) a word that reminds you the thing or feeling you like and hate the most.
60) a word that puts togheter all the five senses

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