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Anonymous asked: Can i join two challenge in one month?


Of course, anon. Just join how many challenges you want :D

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Emerald Hearts is an AU fairy tale steampunk forum inspired by 10th Kingdom and Once Upon a Time Not your typical fairy tale, Emerald Hearts is an AU fairy tale inspired crossover world. We’ve got lots to offer — a friendly staff, active members, open canons, and engaging plots! 
Check us out!


Emerald Hearts is an AU fairy tale steampunk forum inspired by 10th Kingdom and Once Upon a Time 

Not your typical fairy tale, Emerald Hearts is an AU fairy tale inspired crossover world. We’ve got lots to offer — a friendly staff, active members, open canons, and engaging plots! 

Check us out!

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30 Days of Music: A Writing Challenge


Rules: For each day, post a piece of writing (short story, poem, etc.) based on a song. In essence, write a story around the feelings/ memories the song evokes, based on the songs concept, or around a line of lyric (if applicable) that really resonates within. For every post, link a YouTube video of the song before the writing. One may either base their writing on a song of their own choosing, or go by the list (though I would recommend listening to the song for that day before dismissing it) given here:

Day 1: Lemolo - We Felt the Fall

Day 2: Daughter - Smoke

Day 3: Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness

Day 4: Korn - Mr. Rogers

Day 5: La Dispute - A Broken Jar

Day 6: Mad Season - Long Gone Day

Day 7: Marcy Playground - Opium

Day 8: Wren - Artificial Flavors

Day 9: Cage the Elephant - Shake Me Down

Day 10: Beck - Paper Tiger

Day 11: Tame Impala - Mind Mischief

Day 12: Ernesto Cortazar - Beethoven’s Silence

Day 13: Sarah McLachlan - Gloomy Sunday

Day 14: Nirvana - Come As You Are

Day 15: The Cranberries - Zombie

Day 16: Modest Mouse - Dramamine

Day 17: Sun Kil Moon - Heron Blue

Day 18: Alice in Chains - Bleed the Freak

Day 19: The Allman Brothers - Whipping Post

Day 20: System of a Down - Aerials

Day 21: The Beatles - Norwegian Wood

Day 22: Nirvana - All Apologies

Day 23: Muddy Waters - Rolling Stone

Day 24: Oasis - Wonderwall

Day 25: Foo Fighters - Let it Die

Day 26: Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

Day 27: Gotye - Smoke and Mirrors

Day 28: Led Zeppelin - The Battle of Evermore

Day 29: Pink Floyd - Hey You

Day 30: Ludwig Van Beethoven - Fur Elise

I hope you find the challenge a marvelous experience. ^_^

*On the last day of the challenge, after what’s written, leave some feedback; include any, and all, thoughts on the challenge.*

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Anonymous asked: Can I take your challenge and do it in my personal blog? And can I translate your challenge into my language to easy for my friend to read it? I'll give the full credit and I promise that I won't do anything out off the permission about the challenges that you give me. Thank you very much and sorry for wasting your time.


Absolutely!  The challenges are meant for you guys to do on your own blogs, after all.  We’d never have an issue with that or with you translating it into another language so more people can do them.  Go for it!  ^-^  

Good luck with your challenge and have a lovely day!  

— 3 months ago
60 day Charmed Challenge
  1. Your Favorite Season.
  2. Your Least Favorite Season. 
  3. Your Favorite Episode.
  4. Saddest Episode 
  5. Funniest Episode 
  6. Cutest Episode
  7. Least Favorite Episode
  8. Your Favorite Charmed One. 
  9. Your Favorite Female Character (Non-Charmed One)
  10. Your Favorite Male Character.
  11. Your Least Favorite Female Character.
  12. Your Least Favorite Male Character.
  13. Paige or Prue
  14. Dan or Leo
  15. Coop or Cole
  16. Henry or Glen
  17. Chris or Wyatt? 
  18. Your Favorite Bromance
  19. Your Favorite Sister Pair 
  20. Favorite Cop That Helped the Charmed One’s. Darryl 
  21. Favorite Phoebe Hair Style
  22. Favorite Hair Color for Paige 
  23. Favorite Outfit for Each Sister
  24. Least Favorite Outfit for Each Sister
  25. Your Favorite Couple.
  26. Your Least Favorite Couple.
  27. Your Favorite Spell.
  28. Your Favorite Power.
  29. Your favorite Demon 
  30. Your Favorite OMG moment.
  31. Most Shocking Moment. 
  32. What do you love most about Charmed?
  33. One thing you hate about Charmed.
  34. Your favorite Scene from Charmed.
  35. Your Favorite Charmed Actor/Actress. 
  36. Favorite Cast Picture
  37. Something you wish happened but didn’t.
  38. Who’s Job do you like the most? 
  39. Favorite Paige Power
  40. Favorite Phoebe Power
  41. Favorite Piper Power
  42. Favorite Prue Power
  43. Your Favorite Charmed Finale. 
  44. Favorite part in ‘Forever Charmed’          
  45. If you could bring back anyone who died in Charmed, who would it be? 
  46. Favorite Phoebe Scene
  47. Favorite Piper Scene
  48. Favorite Prue Scene
  49. Favorite Paige Scene
  50. Favorite Sister Moment (Seasons 1-3)
  51. Favorite Sister Moment (Seasons 4-8)
  52. The Character that is most like you.
  53. Your Favorite Quote. 
  54. Men of Charmed Day
  55. Paige Day
  56. Phoebe Day
  57. Piper Day 
  58. Prue Day
  59. Power of Four Day
  60. Charmed’s Impact on You 

(Submitted by justanothercharmedone)

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30 day Charmed One Challenge

Day 1: Pick a Charmed One  

Day 2: Favorite first season look

Day 3: Favorite last season look  

Day 4: Her best look

Day 5: Least favorite look

Day 6: Favorite hair style

Day 7: Best quality

Day 8: Worst quality

Day 9: Favorite pairing

Day 10: Second favorite pairing

Day 11: Least favorite pairing

Day 12: Pairing you wished that happened but didn’t

Day 13: Favorite sister pairing

Day 14: Best power

Day 15: Favorite moment

Day 16: Funniest moment

Day 17: Cutest moment

Day 18: Least favorite moment

Day 19: Most shocking moment

Day 20: Most heartbreaking moment

Day 21: Favorite being she turned into

Day 22: Favorite episode that is centered on her

Day 23: Least favorite episode she’s in

Day 24: Favorite season she’s in

Day 25: Favorite quote said by her

Day 26: Favorite quote said about her

Day 27: A word that describes her

Day 28: Would you change the actress that played her?

Day 29: Favorite actress photo 

Day 30: If you could change anything that happened to her during the show what would it be?

(Submitted by justanothercharmedone)

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#charmed  #tv shows  #30 days  #30 Day Charmed One Challenge  #submission 
20 Day Multishipping Challenge


1) The ship you would make canon.
2) The ship that IS canon.
3) The ship you’re most ashamed of.
4) The ship you have written/drawn/giffed the most.
5) The ship that’s popular in the fandom.
6) The ship that’s unpopular in the fandom.
7) The ship that’s popular but you just can’t see.
8) The ship you loved once but no longer do.
9) Your hatesexy ship.
10) Your platonic OTP.
11) Your poly ship.
12) Your incest ship.
13) A het ship.
14) A slash ship.
15) A femslash ship.
16) The ship that makes you cry.
17) The ship that makes you laugh.
18) A ship you never thought you would ship but do.
19) Two conflicting ships.
20) Your crossover ship.

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#20 days  #shipping  #OTP  #challenge  #multishipping challenge  #ships 
Shonen Jump Fan Art 30 day Challenge

Day 1-Dragon Ball
Day 2-Fist Of The North Star
Day 3-Kinnikuman
Day 4-Mazinger Z
Day 5-Saint Seiya
Day 6-Naruto
Day 7-Yu-Gi-Oh
Day 8-City Hunter
Day 9-BoBoBo-BoBo-BoBoBo
Day 10-Death Note
Day 11-Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X
Day 12-Yu Yu Hakusho
Day 13-Toriko
Day 14-Bleach
Day 15-JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Day 16-One Piece
Day 17-Slam Dunk
Day 18-Shaman King
Day 19-One Punch Man
Day 20-Claymore
Day 21-Blue Exorcist
Day 22-Hunter × Hunter
Day 23-Gin Tama
Day 24-Beelzebub
Day 25-Ansatsu Kyōshitsu
Day 26- Dr.Slump
Day 27-Reborn!
Day 28-Kochikame
Day 29-Eyeshield 21
Day 30- You pick one

(Submitted by ninozapo)

— 4 months ago with 17 notes
#shonen jump  #fan art  #30 days  #shonen jump fan art 30 day challenge  #challenge  #submission